Creating Value for Customers

Figuring out how to add value to our offerings should lead us in considering how to proceed with “lean.”

One premise is that we make our products more valuable by eliminating waste: time, motion and material.

The other is creating value by enhancing customer perceptions. How?

  1. Demonstrate you care. Listen, pay attention and communicate concern orally. My experience is “caring” can’t be faked. You do or you don’t.
  2. We “focus” on getting better. Do we ask how we can improve? What features or services have we added that add value?
  3. We are “easy” to do business with. Easy to place an order. Easy to get answers. Quick to resolve issues. Responsive to needs. Enjoyable to work with.
  4. We are good at what we do. We can be pleasant and cordial but it won’t matter if we aren’t competent. I love for people to meet our team. I get compliments all the time.

Your customers are both outside and inside the company. Would they say you’re creating value?