“Culture is dynamic, not static.  Every person on your team and organization creates your culture each day by what you all think, say, and do.  You can elevate it by what you think.  You can improve it by what you say.  And you can make it great by what you do!” – Jon Gordon

I highly recommend Jon Gordon as an author.  His books are short, insightful, inspirational.

Let’s break down his statement.

  • “Culture is dynamic, not static.” We strive for a culture that assures our effectiveness.  We don’t get there and it becomes constant.  We work on it every day.
  • “Every person creates culture.” We seek cultural commitment from every person.  The great cultures, the championship teams, demand total commitment.  We can’t let anyone slip.  We must be diligent to teach every person and hold every team member accountable.
  • “We elevate culture by what we think.” We are reading HQ Notes and discussing them each week.  My goal in writing those notes is to influence your thinking for your benefit.
  • “We improve culture with what we say.” Say positive things.  Teach the right way.  Tell the truth. Address the facts and behaviors that are keeping us from thriving.
  • “We make culture great by what we do.” It doesn’t matter if we think of good things, if we don’t do good things; it doesn’t help if we talk a good game, if we don’t back it up by playing a good game.

Culture wins.  Stay in it.  Think it.  Say it.  Do it.