“Hard jobs are made easier with support.” 

Your job is hard.  I know it.  I see it. 

We emphasize our culture because it builds in support. 

We ask you to become engaged with your team.  If you see your colleagues as teammates, you will be more likely to lend a hand, offer advice, teach the uninitiated, and offer encouragement. 

For you to be engaged is an investment.  You can draw satisfaction from helping.  You can be assured that help will come your way as needed 

We also call on leaders to be supporters.  We call them to patiently teach.  We challenge them to dig deeper to learn about you.  Your abilities.  Your interests. Your ambitions. 

So, would your colleagues call you supportive?  Can you look over your week and point to the incidents of support you initiated this week?  Is there room to step that up on your part? 

The greater you reach, the more you’re called to deliver.  A culture of support makes hard things possible.