Did you watch the Super Bowl?  It wasn’t a very exciting game, but the Patriots winning for the sixth time in 18 years is an achievement.

What makes the Patriots great?

Here are three observations:

“Do Your Job”

Whether on the field or off, there is a constant focus on making sure everyone understands their job. Specifically.  In great detail.

It’s followed with high expectations that the job be completed as detailed.  Accountability is high.  You don’t do the job or can’t do the job, changes are made.

“Power of Culture”

The focus on doing your job and the high degree of accountability that comes with it creates a very professional climate and culture.

Through the years, the Patriots have taken chances on players who have fallen short of expectations on other times.  It is apparent that Coach Belichick believes the high character of the Patriot culture raises the character and quality of work of all who enter in with the motivation to contribute and be a part of the team.

In Patriot world, there is room for the player with potential who hasn’t adopted the right character traits.  And there is also room for those who aren’t as talented but exhibit exemplary character.


This may be a strange word to use for a professional championship team, but the Patriots have a way of turning the page each season and starting afresh.  What they accomplished this year has nothing to do with what they accomplish next.  They seem to understand that better than most.