Do What You Know

I once read a book called “The Knowing-Doing Gap”. The premise of the book is when problems or mistakes are analyzed after the fact, the issue isn’t whether people causing the problem or mistake knew what to do.

Most reported that they were trained well enough to have an idea of the “right” thing to do. But, the problem result occurred because the offenders didn’t do what they knew.

Can you think of situations like that? I can.

Sometimes doing the thing you “know” needs to be done isn’t convenient.

Sometimes doing the thing you “know” needs to be done will ruffle some feelings.

Maybe it will cost you.

Maybe it will cause a pitted stomach of fear.

But, when you don’t do the things you “know” should be done, it frequently causes a pile of regret. You pay the price for the fear, timidity and/or the shortcut.

It makes me wonder if the difference between those who are successful and those who aren’t, are those who do what they know consistently.