Do you have a bad habit that keeps you from being as effective as you like?

Do you have a bad habit that keeps you from being as effective as you like?

You probably do. One research project recently cited that 97% of people can readily cite a non-productive behavior they in which they engage. That’s pretty much all of us. Shouldn’t surprise us since no one is perfect.

So, what do you do to defeat a behavior? I read about a three-prong plan that you can engage in.

Part 1: Note the time and place where the bad habit rears itself. What’s happening that instigates the notion that you are doing what you shouldn’t or not doing what you should. Charles Duhigg who wrote a great book about habits calls it the “trigger.”  When you can isolate the trigger, you begin to target where you should focus.

Part 2: Plan a replacement routine and intentionally practice it. With the trigger identified, it’s important to replace the bad habit with a new routine. Plan it in detail. Write it down. Force yourself to practice it.

Sounds simple. But, this planning step is essential. Being haphazard in implementation means you don’t do the same thing every time. Thus, there is no habit being formed.

Be intentional. Every time.

Part 3: Count the cost.

Changing habits takes commitment. Temptation will creep in. Gird yourself for the emotional, spiritual battle that changing a habit takes. You might slip. Get back up and try again. You might waver. Remind yourself why this change will benefit you. Changing a habit is a choice. Remind yourself that you want to choose.