Three things that matter:

Do you feel your thoughts and ideas matter at work?

Are you committed to quality work?

Are you growing because of your involvement with our company?

Our leadership training every year focuses on creating an environment where those three things can happen.

All of us are smarter than each of us.  Everyone on our team needs to be able to speak up when they see something that can make things better.  We counsel our leaders to stop and to listen when anyone raises a concern.  Each of these opportunities allows us to learn and get better.

It’s a virtuous circle.  The more we listen and share, the greater the confidence in the team.  The greater the confidence, the more readily we share.

Another confidence builder is when you see everyone around you committed to quality work.  High levels of commitment to quality builds trust.  You can count on your colleagues to deliver in the clutch.  It builds purpose.

Finally, when we all endeavor to get better, we limit the impact of complacency.  I believe you’re getting better or you’re getting worse.  There is always knowledge to gain, processes to improve, records to achieve.

All three of these things are driven by each of us.  We decide if we speak up or remain silent.  We decide if we honor those who do speak up by listening and understanding.

We decide whether we will model commitment to quality work and whether we will seek to inspire others to come along.

We decide if we will strive to improve.

How are you doing in these things that matter?