Do You Want To Be Counted Trustworthy?

Do you want to be counted trustworthy? Consultant Ken Blanchard outlines the ‘ABCD’ model for earning trust.

Able-a trusted one must demonstrate a credible skill or ability contributed to the team. If you don’t bring any ability, you have nothing to trust.

Believable-a trusted one must have a record of believability. Established from the beginning of a relationship, you are believable as your words and actions are consistently true.

Connected-a trusted one strives to connect. Period. Connection occurs as you listen, teach, help, comfort, calm, thank and forgive. Connection is caring.

Dependable- a trusted one shows up, performs at a consistent, predicted level. Every time.

In winning teams, these things tie together. Sometimes ability lacks. But more times, a lack of belief and connection along with low dependability can be pinpointed as team dysfunctions.