Do Your Job

Everything you do either contributes to the success of the team or detracts.

The great NFL coach Bill Belichick is known for his simple mantra to his players: “Do your job.”

In his estimation, his coaching staff spends all week defining and making sure that every player on his roster understands what is expected of him. Those instructions can be complex and intricate. But, once they are defined, taught and learned, the execution strategy becomes simple: “Do your job!”

No excuses. No deviation. Work hard to perform.

We have to work hard to make sure that what every person in our organization does ultimately adds value.

Once that is done, execution becomes the key.

If you don’t know what is expected of you, ask your boss.

If you know the expectation, but aren’t sure of how to perform, seek additional help from your boss.

You give the best eight hours (sometimes more) of your day to work. Let’s make sure we work together to make it constructive.