Duck Dynasty – A Family Similar to PalletOne Teammates

I heard about the show Duck Dynasty at a softball game in New Boston, Texas, last year but I just got around to watching it on television. But, if you watch it once, you may get hooked.

I was wondering to myself: “Why do I like this show?” Then it occurred to me: The people on Duck Dynasty resemble a lot of us on the PalletOne team.

  1. They like camo and wear it all they can.
  2. They like to blow things up be it with guns or explosives.
  3. They are competitive.
  4. When they get bored, they will pull questionable stunts.
  5. They love a good story.
  6. They prefer not to shave.
  7. They are passionate about the woods.
  8. Grilled meat is their preferred treat.

You watch it, you may see some other similarities.

Every show ends with a prayer and a life lesson. It’s good, old-fashioned, wholesome entertainment for the family.