“The capacity to learn is a gift.  The ability to learn is a skill.  The willingness to learn is a choice.” – Brian Herbert

Do you realize how important learning is?  There was a time when having diplomas and degrees gave you a certain status in the world.  Back then, the stuff you learned was the same stuff someone completing school five years ago learned, and even five years later would be similar.

It’s not that way anymore.  Technical capabilities develop daily.  Change is rapid.  The chances of doing old things in a new way are huge.

Constant change in the world means that humans must continue learning all their lives. Change agents put their changes out there with videos and links to show us how to do things.

That’s where skill and learning come in.  If learning new things is a threat to you, you will shut down, shut out, and the world will pass you by.  Just because you wish things wouldn’t change doesn’t mean they won’t.

Each of us needs to humble ourselves and work on our learning skills.  The more we adapt and change, the better we will cope with the accelerated pace of play.

Choose to embrace change.  Become a more willing participant.  You’ll be glad you did.