Emotional Intelligence

Reading an article from Harvard Business Review about a concept called Emotional Intelligence. The concept has gained power over the last decade or so. The idea is that your emotional intelligence can be as important as your intellect in achieving effectiveness.

According to this article, those with Emotional Intelligence manage relationships well. Those who study EI, look at five areas.

  1. Ability to Influence. Are you effective at influencing others on your team? Do you regard it as one of your responsibilities?
  2. Coaching and mentorships. Do you attempt to impact others through your interest and care? This is different than influence in that you will endeavor to teach the uneducated. You will endeavor to show the uninitiated the ways to succeed.
  3. Conflict. When conflict arises, you work to resolve it. You do so constructively. You aren’t shook by conflict but see the opportunities in it. Those with EI are able to garner respect and trust through their courageous handling of conflict.
  4. Teamwork. People with EI are good teammates. They help. They put their personal agendas away for the sake of the team.
  5. Inspirational. People with EI inspire. You are glad to see them coming. Their encouraging words, their extraordinary contributions, their willingness to go the extra mile creates value in the eyes of everyone they encounter.

The good news about Emotional Intelligence is that you can work to improve it. How are you on relationships?