Failure Isn’t Fatal

“There is a huge difference between failing and coming up short. Coming up short is simply playing all out and not winning. Failing is a violation of character. Don’t confuse the two.” Roy Spence

I appreciated this take on failure as contrasted to falling short.

I’m fond of the phrase that “failure isn’t fatal.” It captures the ideas that you got to take shots in life and when those shots don’t hit the target, you haven’t failed. As long as you keep taking shots.

Spence adds to the concept the idea that character counts. If you played all out, gave a best effort, provided admirable intent and don’t achieve victory, count it as falling short.

Failure does exist. When you fall down on commitments, that is failure.

When you held back on preparation, that’s failure. When you could have tried harder or spent more and didn’t that’s failure.

Be an “all out” person. It leaves you with a clear conscience. It gives you fuel for trying again.