Finding the Leader Within

When most people are asked whether they are a leader, they say “no.”

The reasons vary.

Some associate leadership with “position.” Only those in a position should be called a leader.

Some associate leadership with innate ability or qualities. In other words, they believe leaders are “born.” They have a picture of a leader and, if they don’t fit it, they don’t think they count.

Some associate leadership with broader responsibility and greater accountability. They don’t seek that kind of role and shrink from acquiring it. They reject leadership responsibility because it is simpler and has less hassle.

So, I realize when we ask everyone here to lead where they stand, we are swimming against the tide. But, it also points out why it can be a winning strategy.

Most companies go with the flow. They don’t invite input. They let decision making reside in the office. They leave the creative problem solving abilities untapped. They don’t trust the team.

At PalletOne, I’m committed to helping all of us find the leader who is in each of us. Are we perfect at it? Not by a long shot. We don’t ask as often as we should. We don’t listen as well as we could. We take shortcuts in communication and training.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t change the goal. More leadership displayed by more people more of the time. It has untapped potential. It can set us apart.