Most folks watch ball games for simple enjoyment.  They hope that the team they’re pulling for wins and their favorite players perform well.

I want those things too, but I try to pay attention to details about how the best teams perform.

Coach Mike Krzyzewski, the great college and Olympic basketball coach says there are five fundamental qualities that make every team great:

  1. Communication – How well do the teammates talk with each other?  Do key messages get communicated?  Are they executed efficiently?  Are breakdowns corrected quickly?
  2. Trust – Does each team member fulfill his/her expectations?  Do the players go full out with the confidence that the right things and people will be in place to do their job as quickly and effectively as possible?
  3. Collective Responsibility – When things break down and don’t work well, does the team quickly move into problem solving mode?  Is there an effort to turn negative situations around quickly?  Are teammates willing to pick up the slack for the shortcomings of others?
  4. Caring – Does the team care about each other?  How do they demonstrate it?
  5. Pride – Does the team have a healthy ego?  Work hard no matter the situation?  Have some swagger whether winning or losing?  Maintain good non-verbal posture and behavior?

If you study teams this way, you will notice the difference between those who win and lose.