“The realist sees reality as concrete.  The optimist sees reality as clay.” — Robert Brault  

“PalletOne leaders happen to the world.”  

Here’s what I mean by this statement:  

We aren’t in charge of the circumstances we face.  Stuff happens.  Sometimes it is bad stuff.   

When stuff happens, we control what we think about it.  We control what we do about it.   

So, that brings us back to Brault’s quote.  

Do you see the circumstances you face as set as cement?  

Or can you see those circumstances as flexible as clay?  Clay that is ready to be manipulated and shaped in the best way you know how?  

“Happening to the world” people will see the world as clay.  It is a positive view of your capabilities to play the hand that is dealt.   

My experience is that when I believe I can do something to improve things, I usually can.  I recommend that mindset to you as well.