Focus On The Present

“Be where your feet are.”  Alabama football coach Nick Saban’s advice to his team.

Be present. Focus on your surroundings.

Don’t worry about what could happen. Be focused on what is in front of you.

Don’t look ahead too far. Too much anticipation could cause you to miss an important step necessary to achieve what you hoped to achieve.

Don’t let your mind wander backward to regret. To get stuck on “woulda”, “coulda” and “shoulda” is to squander energy designated for moving ahead.

Read the situation as it is. Don’t wish for better circumstances. Adjust for what is happening. Play it as it comes. Take action to shift the momentum.

Bloom where you are planted. Take a look at what you can do with what you have. And, do it.

What’s important now? Marshall your resources for doing what’s necessary now. Where your feet are.