What’s an all-star performance to you? Would the folks you encounter – inside and outside the organization – refer to you as an all-star?

I had an appointment with the eye doctor yesterday. In the examination room was a 3 x 5 card where the leaders of the practice invited anyone to write down an “all-star” performance when they saw it.

They listed four criteria:

  • CONSISTENTLY HELPFUL AND FRIENDLY – Helpful and friendly is an attitude check. It’s certainly a choice. Anyone can do it. It’s being willing to do so.
  • UNPARALLELED PROFESSIONALISM – How do you describe a “real pro?” Pros are competent. They have an understanding of their craft. They are in the process of getting better. They have their finger on what their customers want. Even better, they know what their customers need. They keep commitments. When you are in the presence of a pro, you experience a different level of care and execution.
  • EXTRA EFFORT IN MEETING MY NEEDS – Extra effort for the customer? You’ve all seen it. A follow-up phone call. Staying late to load or unload. Dispatching a late truck. Fitting an order into an already tight schedule. Those kinds of actions resonate with a customer.
  • CREATIVITY IN SOLVING MY PROBLEMS – Creativity. Exhibiting a problem-solving approach. Using your network to introduce unique alternatives. Drawing on experiences in other arenas to help devise a new solution.

I am proud of our team. We have many all-stars. I field frequent emails affirming our all-star performances. I get feedback from customers all the time acknowledging that we are better than our peers.

Keep striving to be an all-star. It sets us apart.