Get Up Out of the Pile

The great leadership author John Maxwell was asked this question: What characteristic is central amongst the successful leaders you have seen?

After a moment’s thought, he said this: “A common characteristic that I see among great leaders is that they all seem to be able to find a way to make it happen. Jack Welch, the great CEO at General Electric, described it as they ‘can get up out of a pile.’”

I place a great premium on folks who can make it happen. It’s often referred to as a “bias for action.” In other words, when they see a situation that isn’t right, they act to correct it. If they see an opportunity to pursue, they get rolling. If they see an issue that needs to be addressed, they address it.

Action doesn’t have to be reckless. It shouldn’t be pursued without intention and consequences considered. Seeking advice is always good. But, progress comes most often when people are acting.

Don’t get stuck in the pile. Untangle yourself. Get up and make an effort towards progress. It’s what leaders do.