“…we recognize truly gifted leadership in those who attempt much, whether they fully achieve it or not. The leaders who help us get results beyond those we thought possible, who expand our vision of what may be possible, who are willing to risk choosing a direction others know is impossible—these are the leaders we admire most.” – Sandy Shugart, President, and CEO at Valencia College

This is a “happening to the world” quote.  

If I had it my way, every one of our teammates would be this kind of gifted leader.  

We stretch for new accomplishments and achievements, whether at work, at home, or at play.  

We see that the present situation can be improved.  Whatever is happening now doesn’t have to be the result.  Anything we put our mind and effort into can be improved.

We are willing to try, take a risk.  We learn that the risk-takers get rewarded.  Missing or falling short doesn’t define us.  

We inspire this same attitude in everyone we encounter.  We are known for our encouragement, our leadership, our willingness to join in on things that make our family, community, and enterprise better.