Giving, A Path To Wealth

“You always will have what you give today. The more you give, the more you will have.” Dwight D. Eisenhower

What did you give yesterday?

Effort-Did you pour yourself into your undertaking? Did you inspire your teammates by setting a standard for hard work?

Attention-Was your attention to detail distinctive? Was your focus on matters at hand undivided? Did you spend time listening, really listening, to those around you needing to be heard?

Ideas and opinions-Did you contribute with your mind as well as your presence? Did you make suggestions that improved things? Did you offer rather than withhold constructive feedback? Did you teach those who could benefit from what you know?

Time-Were you  gracious with your time? Did you put aside convenience to bless another?

Money-Did you part with any treasure? Did you make a sacrificial offering to someone in need?

Heart-Did you put yourself on the line? Confront a fear? Act with courage? Make yourself vulnerable for the sake of others?

President Eisenhower saw incredible acts of courage and sacrifice in his life’s endeavors. He gave as well. Seems to me, his ideas on giving are a path to wealth.