Goal Setting in 2016

I’m spending some time this week thinking about my current goals.

This fall I spent time with over 300 PalletOne leaders. One of the topics we discussed was the success of a team and its players who kept their goals updated and written down.

Writing goals down is a great way to “get started.”  When you are new on a job or beginning a new project, to take a few minutes to write down the most important things you have to do will make a difference in your ultimate success. It’s a great way to measure progress. It’s a great way to move ahead quickly.

Writing goals down is a way to plan improvement. If you don’t update your goals to include new objectives, the goals gather dust on the shelf. Before you know it, you are operating on “automatic pilot” which means you begin to drift.

I believe that if you aren’t getting better, you’re getting worse.

Use goals to define your focus. Make sure the goals include some elements that are going to make the team and you stronger.