Good Housekeeping Key To Success

I roamed through three plants in North Carolina yesterday with guests.

One of them commented: “We’re in plants all the time. Most are messy. These were not. You can tell these guys pay attention. Impressed with clean floors and the level of action.”

I thanked him on your behalf. I mean all of you.

While the North Carolina teams in Siler City, Butner and Mocksville represented you well, I let them know that I had confidence that we could walk in any PalletOne facility and find similar results.

Our standard is to be “tour ready” all the time. Good housekeeping is fundamental to great execution.

Good housekeeping fosters safety. It minimizes the risk of trips and falls.
It causes us to travel in safe lanes.

Good housekeeping leads to sound plant organization. When you clean up material that is out of place, opportunities for waste are eliminated and sources of waste are identified.

A clean place fosters pride. When you take responsibility for your place, it squared your shoulders a bit. You move with more purpose.

Good housekeeping demonstrates strong character. You do it right for your team and you. That’s reason enough. You don’t care if someone else is watching.

I’m proud of our team. I’ll take anyone anytime to any of our plants. I am confident we will all be proud.