Good Reads

When holiday weekends come, I usually find time to stick my nose in a book. How about you?

Sometimes it’s a novel. My fiction reading these days will go toward mystery thrillers by Lee Child, Harlan Coben or Florida writer Randy Wayne White.

More likely I read a book about leadership. Coaching biographies are a favorite. I started “Eleven Rings” by pro basketball coach Phil Jackson. I’ve read enough to know that it is a book I can recommend. Jackson’s background as a western mountain man with deep spiritual curiosity makes him different from most coaches. Thus, his book has a different tone.

I already recommended to you “Toughness” by Jay Bilas. I find myself going back to reread parts. You won’t regret spending time with that book.

I’m also reading (yes, I read several at the same time) “Boundaries for Leaders” by Dr. Henry Cloud. His descriptions of how our brain works to form effective leadership strategies have helped me to understand how to be more effective.

Leaders are readers. If you find a good book this weekend, please share.