“If you’re juiceless, you’re useless.” – Chad Scott, University of South Florida football coach

“Having juice” is a term used around athletic teams. “Having juice” raises the level of a team’s performance.

Where does “juice” come from?  Can you develop it?

I believe having “juice” is a skill.  You can get better at it.

It starts by knowing that “juice” is evident when you have an impact on others.

  • People with “juice” care about others.  They have the ability to “walk” in the shoes of their teammates. Their caring provides insight into what makes others tick.
  • People with “juice” demonstrate their concern for others by being generous with their time, treasure and talent.  A generous spirit, bolstered by generous activities, makes a difference on the team.
  • People with “juice” maintain high standards and call others to match the commitment necessary to reach those standards.
  • People with “juice” make every situation better by their presence.  Their work ethic is to be admired and followed.  Their contributions multiply as time goes on.  Their role on the team becomes essential and when the “juice” is missing, it’s obvious.

Having “juice” is a lot like “happening to the world.” You develop the skill. You’ll make a difference.