Growth Comes from Being in a “Low” Place

I was listening to a sermon this morning. Pastor Matt Hudson of Journey Church in Mocksville had a guest speaker, Mary Hendrix, with him.

Mary had learned twelve weeks earlier that she had a brain tumor. She was describing how her faith was sustaining her.

The whole message was chock-full of wisdom. If you would like to listen, go to Remember it’s a sermon, so don’t be surprised about the biblical and God references.

But, let me tell you about something I gained.

The speaker made the distinction about being in a “low place.”

She said low places aren’t bad places. Patience is developed in low places. Character is honed. Low places promote creativity as you figure out how to proceed. Low places cause us to consider our blessings. Low places will cause you to refocus and prioritize. Low places will make you aware of your friends and colleagues who you can rely on. Low places will deepen your faith.

There is power in the words we choose to describe the situations we encounter. Calling adverse situations “bad” is pretty common.

I’ll be changing it in the future. “Bad” is going to become “low” from now on. And, when things are “low,” I’ll be looking for the growth to begin.