“People who believe in themselves do things that give them even more reason to believe. They adopt habits of mind that work over the long term.”- Jamil Zaki

Do you believe in yourself?

This is not a trick question.

What struck me in Zaki’s quote above was the phrase “habits of mind.”

If you’ve read my notes very long, you know I’m a fan of habits. I believe in identifying habits, because when performed, they serve to move you along the path to “better.”

I also believe in identifying bad habits already formed that don’t serve you, but make you “worse.”
The real winner is when you replace a “bad habit” with a “good one.”

“Habits of mind” are enhancements of this idea. All good habits start with an intentional choice, because “good” habits aren’t easy. They require delaying gratification. They cause a strain. It involves the mind telling the body there’s a better way and then willing the self to comply.

Zaki says, “Habits of mind build confidence, add competence, and inspire trust.”

You add to your personal arsenal with intentional, mindful habits, for the more you embrace the challenges that come your way, the more you believe you can prevail in the end.

When you’ve done it before, you believe you can do it again. Even if it’s a bit harder than before.

What are your habits that cause you to believe in yourself?

If you can’t think of them, it’s time to get rolling.