Did you see where Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former President Clinton and Secretary of State Clinton, has taken on the assignment of being a newscaster on NBC?

I was reading an article and was struck by her story of what motivated her to move into such a career.

She said her grandmother, Dorothy Rodham, had challenged her shortly before her death. She told Chelsea, who until that point had dodged any public profile, that she could be and should be doing more with her life.

It caused Chelsea to consider the direction she was taking. Here’s what she said: “By virtue of my family, I had become an inadvertent public figure. I decided I should become a purposeful public figure.”

I am guessing that will be one of those life-changing moments for Chelsea. One of those moments is when you realize that you have been looking at things one way and, perhaps, there is a better view to take.

One of the themes that I repeat often at our company is that I want our leaders “to happen to the world” rather than have “the world happen to us.”

I want that when we encounter unfavorable business circumstances.

I want that when we are graced with unprecedented opportunity.

I want that when circumstances call for creativity. Or sacrifice. Or new ways to handle situations.

I want it when our leaders are making a difference in their families and their communities.

To stand back and to let the world happen to you is to experience life inadvertently.

To decide that you will encounter each situation and embrace it with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength is to be purposeful.