Happy Thanksgiving!

Giving thanks is good for the soul!

Among the many reflections you can read or hear about the Thanksgiving season is the idea that there is wisdom in practicing gratitude. It seems people who practice gratitude regularly are healthier and wealthier. They also report a greater satisfaction with their life circumstances.

Ranking high among my blessings is the opportunity to work alongside of you. My heart is lifted daily by the dedication of my colleagues. Dedication to our customers as shown through heroic efforts to fulfill their expectations. Dedication to each other as you work together in both business and personal settings.

As this day of Thanksgiving approaches, I want to thank you for the commitment that you display and the effort that you give to help our enterprise succeed. I am grateful for the support and encouragement that you provide.

My prayer today is that your Thanksgiving is blessed. As you count your substantial blessings, I trust your heart is full (as well as your belly!).