Help Educate and Encourage Your Teammates

We each have the ability to be a positive influence on those we encounter. The challenge is believing it really makes a difference.

There was an article recently that underscored the idea. It discussed research where a group of students had been followed from the time they entered school. They are now adults.

The results of the study revealed that adults who reported they had a teacher in middle school who made a difference in their lives also seemed to do better economically. In other words, if you were lucky enough to get a teacher who cared and who was able to make a connection with you in middle school, you were probably doing better in your career and earning more money than someone who didn’t.

The article is meant to support the idea that while it is very beneficial to come from a good household and that predicts good results, that the teacher who is committed and gifted at reaching students has a solid impact regardless of where the student comes from.

Here’s the implication for us. Many times we receive new folks into our organization with the expectation that the new person has to prove to us they are worthy to be on our team. We wait for them to show us a great attitude, exhibit good skills, to demonstrate they can learn quickly, to prove they can take a little ribbing.

But, just suppose, those new employees haven’t had the same benefit that you have. Maybe they didn’t have a good teacher. Maybe they weren’t raised in a good family. Maybe they didn’t have someone come along side of them at work and show them how to be successful. Maybe they just have an empty plate.

The new folks coming through the door could quite possibly still be looking for that “teacher” in their life who is supposed to make the difference.

At PalletOne, I hope that you will endeavor to “lead where you stand.” That means you don’t have to have a formal title to make a difference with those we work along side every day. If you know something that you can share with somebody or give a word of encouragement, we should. It will set us apart.

Seek to make a difference where you are. It is a richer life. It will set us apart.