When you “happen to the world” it means you believe you have an impact on what occurs next.

To be sure, there are things out of our control.  But there are choices and options we can take to impact the occurrences we encounter.

I’m reading a book that describes people who believe they have no control come off as “victims.”  Those of us who believe there are choices to be made and actions to take are “heroes.”

Don’t know about you, but I’d rather be a “hero.”

So, some thoughts on “heroic” actions:

Bring problems to the table to discuss.  Don’t let them fester.  Problems don’t age well.  Some progress is better than no progress.

When you’re confused, involve some others in the process.  We can learn.  Find more expertise.  Try on the new behavior.  There is someone who can add to the solution.  Go find them.

Remember nothing lasts forever.  May seem dark.  Hope may be hidden in the fog.  But the sun comes up.  The fog dissipates.

Trying afresh, as compared to being a victim, gives energy to you and others.  Check on your mental state. If the victim is dominating the thoughts in your head, it’s time to change the conversation.

All of us are smarter than each of us.  Teams make progress faster than line rangers.  Reach out.  Don’t be vulnerable.  Humbly request help.

We have so much happening.  It’s coming at us like a gushing hose.  Team up.  We “happen.”  You’re “heroes.”