How Are Your Connection Skills?

A management consultant Scott Edinger says for “leaders to make emotional connections” they have to work on their “extraversion” skills.

Of course, you may think, every leader is extraverted. But, that’s not really so.

Extraversion doesn’t describe a type of personality. It describes how you operate in the world. Extraverts prefer activity. They think out loud and like reaching decisions through discussion. They draw energy from activity and outside stimulation.

Introverts process things inside their heads. They don’t mind “alone” time. They can get lost in a book. They sometimes will “check out” of a real conversation while they are having one with themselves.

You can’t make connections with others unless you are paying attention to them.

Edinger suggests that putting aside your agenda, listening with undivided attention and finding common areas of interest will help leaders connect. That is especially so if you are introverted.

How are your connection skills? Are you working on them?