“People have a choice to invest themselves in growth, or not. It is possible for them to bury their talents and not put them to use, and then lose them in the end. Growth is something that someone has to engage in willingly. It cannot be imposed on someone, and it can also be resisted.” – Henry Cloud

This is a provocative quote.

  • First, if you want to grow, you choose it. It’s an important choice to make. You’re either getting better, or you’re getting worse. It may not be evident every day, but your cumulative day-to-day efforts at growth will become noticeable. The opposite is true. Over time, a lack of growth effort will become noticeable as well.
  • Second, we are all gifted with the seeds of talent. Our packages are unique to us. The degree to which those talents and skills become apparent depends on our growth choices. Cloud asserts here that failure to fertilize and water those talents will result in those talents dying. The term “use it or lose it” comes to mind.
  • Third, you can’t be forced to grow. Opportunities can be presented. Environments for growth can be provided. But in the end, it won’t happen unless you choose to participate in your growth.
  • Finally, you can resist growth. You can tell yourself that all that stuff about “growth” is bull. But when you look back on the days you chose to resist growth rather than pursue it, you will regret not trying. Stringing together days of growth will amount to something. Stringing together days of not growing will result in loss.

How are you invested in growth? What are you trying to do that you haven’t done before? What are you trying to learn that you didn’t know?