How To Be A Better Than Average Employer

“You are you because of others”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

 Tutu delivered a compelling discussion on our interdependence as humans.

 We learn from others. We get affirmed by others. We grow in self-esteem because of others.

 Of course, all the alternatives are true. Others can teach us the wrong things, discourage us and diminish our confidence.

 I heard a statistic that was interesting. Through research, only one in five workers thinks they have a good boss.

Further, two in five report they are considering a job change because they think so little of their boss. 

I may be naive, but I don’t think those statistics apply to us. In fact, as a company, we have a lead on leveraging our capacity to build relationships. It makes us one of the best places to work. 

But, we aren’t good enough. We can be better at recognizing talents and empowering it. Taking time to teach. Helping each other to accomplish new feats. 

So, if you wonder what motivates me, let me tell you a primary goal is to work to create a place where common place statistics don’t apply. A place where leaders are regarded as effective. A place where the quality of a boss is one of the primary reasons you come to work.