How To “Do” Life Better

How are you feeling today?  Excited – Bored – Hopeful – Hopeless – Dreadful – Engaged – Grateful -Resentful – Joyful.

You can feel all sorts of ways.

I had a friend who would spend half of her Sunday moaning that Sunday would end and she had to return to work on Monday.  I hope that’s not your reality.

I read a quote today: “Changing what you think can change how you feel.”

So often, our thinking defines us.  And, the thinking determines how we feel.

My friend starting dreading Monday on Sunday.  It became her habit.

Starting each work week with dread is a special kind of hell.  You’re starting the week with no momentum.  You’re at the bottom and you are rolling the stone up hill.

But what if she started another way?

“Tomorrow I get to start a new week.  I get to see my friends at work.  I get to start a new project.  I get to try for a new record.”

Any of those thoughts would trigger a more powerful approach to the week.

We each have choices about how we “do” life.  Capturing our thoughts and directing them in a more positive direction on purpose will help you “do” life better.