Sean McVay is a Super Bowl winning coach. A recent Twitter thread of his ideas on building and running a team caught my eye.

These are good ideas for leaders. Each of us should identify as a leader. You may not have the title, but when the situation screams for leadership, someone has to step up. Make sure it’s you.

Leadership shouldn’t be left at work either. Maybe you’re a parent. There is no more significant leadership role.

Read McVay’s advice in whatever context fits your life. Where it says team, substitute the word kids, coworkers, or friends. If you have people who count on you, this advice applies:

  • Show your team you care, and they’ll give you everything they have.
  • Ask them about their goals, journeys, and experiences when they’ve excelled.
  • Listen with intention and use what you learn to improve the experience.
  • Give them your time, attention, empathy and respect.

I had the privilege of being celebrated Sunday as a father. Pretty special to realize I have a record of some of these things.

Be a leader. You and the people you care about will prosper from it.