Implementing Change Takes Courage

“A person’s difference can change the world, but only if they gather the courage to use it.” – Andy Andrews, author and speaker

When I read this quote, it reminded me of a leadership course we taught years ago. One of the themes was: “PalletOne leaders happen to the world.”

The essence of the message was that there are two types of people: people who let the world’s circumstances dictate what they do in a reactive way, and people who take stock of their circumstances, devise plans of attack in areas they influence and proceed to act to improve matters.

I hope our leaders are the second type of folks. We “happen” to the world as compared to letting the world “happen” to us.

It’s a mindset.

It is confident because it places a premium on inventive genius and teamwork. It takes confident teams to meet challenges. Every time we work together to face a challenge successfully, we gain confidence the next one can be faced as well.

It’s hopeful. Confidence empowers us to lean forward. We don’t resign ourselves to the status quo. We believe that with effort, creativity and teamwork, we can get things done.

And, it’s courageous. Every new invention, every gained customer, every improved process happened because someone took the initiative to act.

On the contrary, when we suffer loss or failure, we can look back and see where an action, a communication, a suggestion or a warning could have prevented it.

Very little changes for the better without someone stepping up with courage.