According to speaker Garrison Wynn, we build trust with compassion and competence.

We demonstrate compassion with respect.  We listen.  We help.  We care.  Treat folks like a number, caring goes out the window.  Trust erodes.

We demonstrate competence by doing our job.  On teams, at work, in families – we each have our jobs.

As we think about competence, we each have been in situations at work, on teams, and at home where trust was eroded because someone wasn’t doing their job.

In the arenas where you labor, what’s expected of you?  We make the mistake often of thinking that our failure to do our job only impacts us.  But we’ve all been on the other side of being hurt, harmed, or disappointed because someone fell short of expectations.  A record of missing expectations will disable you quickly.  To be judged as incompetent by those around you is a hard reputation to erase.

Life is interdependent.  Someone is depending on you.  You are depending on others.

Put caring and competence as essentials in that mix, and you will be a help and inspiration to those around you.