Issues to Consider in the Upcoming Presidential Election

The election for President is coming fast upon us. While some folks would say that politics shouldn’t be discussed at work, I have found that many teammates are interested in what I think inside of work. Being interested in what I think doesn’t mean that I believe that you should agree with what I think. Which is a good thing – because if I counted on all of you to agree with me all the time about all issues, we would end up in a world of hurt.

With that as a disclaimer, I was attending a conference recently and was exposed to Dave Walker. He has some definite ideas on how government spending ought to be attacked and what should be done to return our country to financial responsibility.

Walker has a website called It describes his ideas on why we are facing difficulties as a nation. It describes some ideas on what we should do about changing the downward spiral we are experiencing.

When I heard him speak, he painted a pretty gruesome picture about how things would go in the future if our politicians didn’t show some courage in the coming years to correct our spending issues.

His distaste for the current situation, all parties included, is apparent. As a businessman who has been working with you to make sure our business survives for the long haul, his ideas seemed valid.

His approach is this: Become knowledgeable about the issue. Become familiar with the array of solutions being suggested to solve it. Choose those that you believe to be most sound. Find out what the candidates who are running intend to do. Vote for those who reflect your ideas.

These issues are bigger than parties. The future of our children and grandchildren may well depend on how courageous and bold our elected officials are. This is the time to consider which way we should go.