“When I consider the tremendous consequences from little things, I am tempted to think there are no little things.” – Bruce Barton

As I reflect upon this statement, there is so much truth to it.   So much of our life is defined by little things.

When we study accidents in our plant, it’s usually a brief lapse or small details that aren’t attended to which cause the event.  So often we hear, “I didn’t think it would matter” or “I’ve done that 1,000 times.”  But it only took once.

When we consider our paths, how many times do we recall that single piece of advice or that single sentence of encouragement that changed the course of things?

When we take account of our distinguishing habits, how big is the impact of doing something small and simple repeatedly over a long period in establishing our expertise and the skills that distinguish us?

While big events do occur, small things have so much more impact!  Wouldn’t we be wise to attend to them?