Keeping Up With A Changing World

Is the world around us changing faster than we are?

No doubt, the world is changing fast. I’m tapping this note out on an IPhone. When it’s done, I’ll send it in seconds to Jen Daniels to edit. Then she will send it to you. After you’ve read it, you may send it somewhere else.

None of that was possible 10 years ago. To send you a note everyday would be an inefficient process. Therefore, we would go without it.

The world is changing fast.

So, back to the original question: what have you tried new or different at work ?

If the answer is nothing, then chances are we have problems brewing.

Whether it’s our competition working harder at getting better or not accessing some technology our suppliers have to improve efficiency, there is a great chance we are losing ground.

There is always a chance to get better. It takes a curiosity to consider existing practices with “Fresh Eyes”. It takes the willingness to take those observations and try new ways to a better process. It takes leadership to be persistent and supportive of change. It takes continual experimentation to find better methods.

So, if you haven’t tried anything new, come to work Monday with a mind to look at your job with “fresh eyes “.