Keys to the No-Huddle Offense

No-huddle offenses are the rage in football this season. Twenty-five of the NFL teams are using them extensively. It is being proven that the no huddle is giving an edge to offenses. It is a competitive advantage.

What are the keys to no-huddle success?

The quarterback is an expert. Rookie quarterbacks aren’t inclined to use them. Veterans who understand how the game is played are leading the successful no-huddle efforts.

Communication is simple. The New England Patriots and Tom Brady have worked out a system where one-word titles tell the team the play, the formation and the count. That eliminates the need to circle up to call the play.

Expectations of each team member are higher. The one-word plays only work because every player invests in the memory work necessary to make the play calling work. Before, it was thought that not every teammate would master the detail. But, teams are learning if you expect it, it will get done.

Execution is mandatory. For no huddle to work, eleven guys have to go do what they do. No reminders. It takes a professional commitment from every player. No exceptions.

The result of no huddle is more production. More plays are run because the 30 seconds that used to be used for huddling are now used making a play. With more plays come more yards, more touchdowns, higher scores.

Same people. Same time available. More production.

Sounds lean, doesn’t it?

Which parts of running a no-huddle offense apply to what you do every day? Where would you begin to get more from the team?

No huddles have become the hallmark of superior teams. Those who do it well have great satisfaction. It causes them to stand out. It gives them a better chance to work. It cements the idea that they are the best at what they do.