Something that gives me joy is when a colleague tells me they are using what they are learning at work to be more effective in their private lives.

Our people, being a better partner, parent, community leader, coach or volunteer, is one of the tangible benefits we provide the communities we serve.  Our efforts to identify leaders despite role or title, and to give that leadership an opportunity to flourish, is a gift that will keep on giving.  I believe that once someone sees the impact of initiative, and what an impact they can have, they will return and repeat leadership time after time.

Three things help define whether leaders are effective:

  1. They garner trust.  They honor commitments.  Maintain confidentiality.  Listen.  Act in a consistent fashion.
  2. They care.  They make connections.  They communicate empathy.  They have the ability to walk in the shoes of others.  Caring marks their daily behavior.
  3. They help.  They make a difference.  While sometimes we make a difference and don’t realize it, most of the time making a difference comes with intention.  Leaders have clarity about where to help.  They are stewards of their service.  Things are better because of their action.

Lead where you stand.   At work, at home, at church, at the ballpark.