I saw this in a want ad today posted by the New York Times: 

“We’re looking for a (leader) with a sense of humor and a spine of steel, a confident point of view and an open mind, an appetite for risk and exacting standards for excellence. We’re looking for someone who wants to grow big ideas to make the world a better place, and to have fun doing it.” 

That’s quite a checklist: 

☑ Sense of humor says however tight it gets, the leader can lighten the load with humor and perspective.

 The spine of steel says the leader has sound values that won’t be compromised.  It means the leader can be trusted.  

☑ A confident point of view means the leader is comfortable in his skin.  He/she has the experience that’s led to success.  Has an orientation from which to approach situations encountered in the world.

☑ An open mind says the leader knows the world is changing and there’s always more to learn.  Humble enough to know there remains more information and better ideas.  Won’t be shy about implementing them.  

☑ Grow big ideas means the leader knows that to choose the status quo is to choose mediocrity.  Being open to bigger and better leads to significance.  

☑ Make the world a better place means the leader has regard for others.  It’s not only about him.  

☑ Having fun means life is too short to grind all the time.  There’s richness in fellowship, experience, and joint accomplishment that makes the work worthwhile.  

I aspire to be that kind of leader.