Learning Brings Change

Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida, indicated recently that he is considering running for President. (This isn’t a political piece).

I was reading a profile about how some of his positions on issues have changed since he entered politics 20 plus years ago. Critics will call it “flip flopping”.

In the article one of Bush’s advisors, Allison DeFoor responded this way:

“He does not flip flop. He learns. And, when he learns, he changes.”

This quote reminded me of how important it is to keep learning. We make decisions and take positions at any given point in time because of what we have learned and what we know to be true.

But, there is always more around the corner that adds to our base of knowledge and the more we know, the more we refine our thought process. It will cause us to change.

Certainly, some folks change positions  for expediency sake. They may be trying to accrue favor in some way. It would be appropriate to be skeptical.

But, learning provokes change. A genuine desire to learn more has the potential to change a heart. A changed heart can cause a change in a new direction.

Thus, this suggestion: be a learner. Be open to finding a better, more informed direction. Be open to a change of heart.