Let’s “happen to the world” by being the most respectful.

There’s a viral video out. An Air Force officer is speaking to an academy where some students have been subjected to racist comments and harassment.

As he concludes his comments, he tells the 400 assembled to get their phones out and record his final thoughts on video. Here’s what he says:

“If you can’t treat someone with dignity and respect, get out.”  Then he leaves.

That’s really the essence of things, isn’t it? So much of the anger and discourse these days are pointed at situations we see and experience from a distance.

We say things. We get our blood pressure up. We worry about things getting worse.

But, we can make things better right in our circle by treating people the way we want to be treated. Respectfully. With dignity.

Let’s “happen to the world” by being the most respectful. Listening. Helping. The rest of the world can catch up to us.