Motivational speaker JB Glossinger tweeted this: “Live without pretending; love without depending; listen without defending; speak without offending.”

Lots of wisdom in a dozen words!

To live without pretending means to be authentic and transparent.  Authenticity is a compelling attribute.  It draws people to you.

To love without depending on is to love unconditionally.  It’s choosing to provide support and care to family, friends, and colleagues without them having to earn it.  It’s leading with love rather than responding with love.

Listening without defending means to seek first to understand.  Most people listen and begin composing a response.  When you can withhold judgment and suspend response, you have a better chance of hearing all that is being communicated.

Speaking without offending is being deliberate about what you say and considering before blurting out a response.  I know I love my own voice but patience in communication rules out the offense.