“If you love ‘the process,’ the process will love you back.” – Matt Campbell, Iowa State football coach

I was reflecting on activities or habits we develop, which done repeatedly yield unexpected fruit.  A commitment to lifelong learning is one of those things.

Lifelong learners trust the process of learning for learning’s sake.  They open a book, ask questions, remain curious, deepen study, attend training classes, accept unlikely assignments, volunteer in new spots – you name it – trusting that the mere effort to do so will lead them to fruits that they didn’t realize would occur.

As much as I preach the importance of establishing targets and striving for the right things, I’ve also learned that if I stay the course, keep on learning, trust where the learning takes me, I’m likely to encounter places, events, experiences I could never have encountered on my own design.

So, it’s both things that are important.  Choosing a direction and pursuing that direction, employing habits and activities that have proven fruitful.  When things seem confusing or unclear, check your process.  Focus on those things that have worked before.  Trust it.  It will love you back.