Listen and Learn!!

Did you hear the story about the nine year old girl who escaped the jaws of an alligator?

The gator grabbed her on the leg. She hit the gator on the head and that didn’t work. She then stuck her fingers up the gator’s nose to affect its breathing. Needing to breathe, the gator opened its mouth and the girl escaped.

Smart girl!

She said that she had learned it at a safety briefing at a resort called Gatorland, a wildlife attraction not far from Bartow. She paid attention and she knew what to do when the crisis came. She lived to tell about it.

We give safety briefings all the time. It’s easy to tune them out, thinking you will never need them.

The girl’s story reminded me that the only briefings that have any value are those that are heard and remembered. It’s not good luck that causes you to listen, its intention. Listen and learn. It may take you out of the jaws of disaster.