Lou Holtz’s Formula For Success

I watched David Fehrety interview Hall of Fame football coach Lou Holtz on The Golf Channel’s show “Fehrety”.

If you can find it on the internet or On Demand television I recommend it to leaders to watch. It is full of leadership insights.

Holtz makes 150 motivational talks a year. He is gifted in boiling down leadership concepts into simple words that help you to retain. I got HQ Note material for two weeks listening to him.

He spoke about a recipe for success. According to him, people with a record for success exhibit three character traits.

Trusted. They do what they say they will do.

Committed. They are honor bound to strive to do the best they can do all the time.

Caring. They care about others in a genuine, authentic way.

Holtz says he endeavors to be that person first. Then he tries to surround himself with those people.

He says it’s a formula for success that hasn’t failed him. It rings true with me. How about you?